Articles in Policies & Planning

Board Policies and Resolutions


Board policies and resolutions are the guides for board actions and results. This article provides the manager with reasoning that can be used in explaining the long-term purposes behind creating good policies and resolutions.... Read full article

Communicating the Message of Membership Value


Unlike many homeowners, association board members have a greater understanding of what the association is responsible for and how it operates. This article offers ways to convey the value of membership to your homeowners.... Read full article

Meeting Your Objectives


Implementing a planning process is the key to defining objectives and creating a cohesive and positive board culture. This article explores strategies that will assist a board in reaching the end goal of one voice through successful teamwork.... Read full article

Policy Governance


Boards should be using a framework that guides them in decision-making, and Policy Governance® is a viable framework. Discover how implementing this governance model and focusing on ends statements can improve the efficiency of the board.... Read full article