Articles in Board Roles

Board Leader Tips for Big Picture & End Results


Whether you are a newly minted board member or a seasoned hand, the ongoing tasks of the association can occupy all your allotted time. You may go to board meetings and find your energy taken up with small decisions. But what you really want to do is... Read full article

Directors, Officers and Board Members


It's important that boards of directors understand their job is one of governance -- not management. Effective boards govern; ineffective boards manage, or at worst micro-manage the community manager and other contractors on the property.... Read full article

The Agenda for Sustained Board Success


As a fiduciary for your association, you are directing and overseeing the operations of an entire corporation. At times your directorship may seem like an overwhelming full-time job.... Read full article

Understanding the Fiduciary Duty of Being in the Boardroom


YOU HEAR THE TERM USED ALLTHE TIME — fiduciary duties and obligations of board members. This article will explore these standards and offer some basic yet practical guidelines for directors of community associations. community associati... Read full article

Who's Who and What Do They Do?


This article provides insight into the various activities of officers, board members/directors and committees for a community association. For example, can a director be an officer or can an officer be a director?... Read full article